7 Steps to a Better Dissertation Writing

Research is not a random activity, it in itself is a complete process. The entire process does not merely comprise of answering imperative questions, it also includes a complete formulation of how the questions are to be answered. The presentation of a dissertation is extremely critical as the dissertation writing itself.

This aspect, 7 steps to a better dissertation is basically designed to exhibit a way through a complete process of writing down a great dissertation, right from the start till the final stage of writing the paper and then printing it out.

Your paper is going to provide you with an opportunity to make a comprehensive study of a particular area of the field you are interested in. For it to be a great success, you require to find an interest which is not only researchable but common too. This indicates that you must be passionate about the topic you opt for so that you could find the answers of the questions related to the topics, and there are no insoluble practical difficulties.

Dissertation writing always starts with a literature review, which is basically the critical study of what has been done priorly on the related or same topic. You simply cannot overlook this step.

Methodology is mainly the research strategy that you need to follow. There is just no one right way, however; some perhaps work better compared to others. Therefore, a combination of different methods is the best approach.

This stage is generally referred to as the β€˜fieldwork’, where you are to make your recordings, making observations, search corpora, conduct interviews and a lot more. You can also opt for the basic methodology, In case things do not go as you have planned. The fieldwork comprises of several practical difficulties like your data sources may not cooperate and move away, your machinery does not work well. Your information is stolen, etc.

You have to make sure that the data you can have collected should be interpreted in the light of some theory, which you are supposed to discuss or mention in your literature review.
This perhaps involves a preliminary stage of the dissertation writing, for instance, where you can organize or transcribe your data into a form which is ready to be analyzed. There could be several different processes, depending on the kind of data and methodology. While you are opting for Structural Analysis; you need to check out for Discourse analysis, Phonological analysis and Grammatical analysis. Then comes stage 2 which is called as Interpretation. It indicates how the approach or theory shapes the interpretation of the data.

Before you present your write up, it is imperative for you to check out the guidelines on the appendices, diagrams. Ensure your presentation is up to the university guidelines that you are graduating from.